Information for Parents and Carers

Nottingham City Council and Sycamore Academy Local Offer

The interventions and support offered at Sycamore Academy feed into Nottingham City Council Local Offer. In line with the Children and Families Act (2014), the Local Authority have brought together all of the information on services that support children and young people with SEND in one place.

It is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know and every service you might need to access, including:

  •          Health, such as doctors, nurses and therapists
  •         Education, such as schools, colleges, nurseries, playgroups and support services
  •          Social Care

It also covers all of the support groups in the voluntary sector, as well as leisure activities. The aim is to provide all the information families need to make decisions about the best provision required.

Parents SEND Report 2017 – 18

SEND Policy

Accessibility Plan 2018-2021

Changes to SEN and Disability support – Guide for Parents

LION – Local Information Online Nottingham www.asklion.co.uk

Nottingham City Local Offer

As part of this Local Offer we at Sycamore Academy provide, as much as feasibly possible, graduated provision as outlined in the Nottingham City Schools Provision Maps for the current needs of pupils in the school. These can be found below and also on the Nottingham City Council website.

Sycamore Academy Local Offer

The Sycamore Academy Local Offer can be viewed here.

Nottingham City Council Provision Maps for SEND

·         autism_spectrum_provision_map_v2.pdf

·         cognition_and_learning_needs_provision_map_v2.pdf

·         deafness_and_hearing_impairment_provision_map_v2.pdf

·         physical_disability_provision_map_v2.pdf

·         social_emotional_and_mental_health_provision_map_v2.pdf

·         specific_learning_difficulties_provision_map_v2.pdf

·         speech_language_and_communication_needs_provision_map_v2.pdf

·          visual_impairment_provision_map_v2.pdf